Under the US tax law, all US Persons (US citizens, green card holders and US residents) are required to file annual US income tax returns reporting total worldwide income. 

Starting in 2014, foreign financial institutions will be required by the US government under the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) to report information regarding accounts of US citizens to the IRS.  This law requires foreign financial institutions such as local banks, stock brokers, pension funds, insurance companies, etc. to report directly to the IRS financial information on all their customers who are US persons.

As a US person you are legally obligated to file accurate and timely tax returns.  
Failure to do this can lead to risk of fines and penalties, and even criminal prosecution. 

Are you compliant?  Are all your family members compliant? 

We can help you file tax returns and other required reports for up to 6 years back, where necessary.

At Tax-USA we specialize in US taxes for residents of Israel.  Our services include:

  • US personal tax return preparation
  • Corporate taxes
  • Treasury filing
  • Other US tax related services

Contact Chaim Korn at Tax-USA.   Email:  chaim@tax-usa.co.il      Phone: 058 541 6066 for more information.